Prizes & Donations Hall Map & Entrant List Rules/Entry Form Directions


We Jennifer's feel the most important part of a show, are the team of judges you have available. Before we had anything else, a line-up of people who's opinions we trusted to be knowledgeable, wise, and fair were set in stone. This holds true for our 2019 event! Please welcome and thank these ladies for giving us their valuable time to come to our event and make it the best it can be!

Our Day Schedule can be viewed below. Classlists can be found in the Show Packet .pdf download.


A Good Vintage
Normal Performance
Custom Glazed China
Custom Plastic
Custom Plastic Mini
Amateur Artist

Medallion Mayhem
Performance Challenge/Jack Pot
Artist Resin
Artist Resin Mini's
Micro Mini's

Misc. fun classes will be happening throughout both days.