Prizes & Donations Hall Map & Entrant List Rules/Entry Form Directions

Our assigned tables in our show hall was a huge hit and kept things well managed throughout the show. Not only is there less chaos, but it's a great tool to learn each other's names. Our hall is square in shape which allows for central judging rings. This means that there really isn't a "nose bleed" section that sometimes happens in the longer halls. Everyone should have a good seat! Dock doors are giant and are perfect for backing the cars right up to for easy unloading. Our space is 12,500 sq ft and entrants have 8' table(s). You can see there is plenty of room to exapand and group if needbe. We have lots of room to grow!


~*~*~*~ ENTRANT LIST ~*~*~*~

1. Cameron Clow
2. Heather Malone
3. Jackie Rossi
4. Margaret Balch
5. Andrea Brygidyr
6. Erica Ferguson
7. Amy McCudden
8. Melanie Miller
9. Bobbie Allen
10. Morgen Kilbourn
11. Kenzie Williamson
12. Kylee Parks/Amanda Brock
13. Lindsay Diamond
14. Sue Rowe
15. Tara Reich
16. Heather Zaiger
17. Melissa Addison
18. Laura Skillern

19. Elaine Lindelef
20. Tiffany Purdy
21. Anne Van Der Weel
22. Sandy Sanderson
23. Christie Richardson
24. Erin Corbett
25. Leah Koerper
26. Teresa Buzzell
27. Barbara DiAnnibella
28. Alicia Vogel
29. Hanna Wangsgaard
30. Meghan Namaste
31. Maggie Barkovitz
32.  Sommer Prosser
33. Gail Hildebrand
34. Hellen Ferguson
35. Lauren Wood
36. Kelli Konecny

37. Allie Davidson
38. Hanna Bear
39. JerryLynn Rice
40. Lauren Hoeffer
41. Koreena Leamons
42. Zoe Marriner (Saturday Only)
42. Beth Elliott (Sunday Only)
43. Melissa Meader
44. Nichole Hertzog
45. Meredith Lynne Conrad
46. Tammi Palmarchuk (Sunday Only)
46. Kristen Taylor (Saturday Only)
47. Caitee Cooper
48. Courtney Sadar
49. Teresa Fedak
50. Macy Lindsay (Sunday Only)
50. Yashka Hallein (Saturnday Only)
51. Darleen Stoddard

52. Jennifer Wilson
53. Kelsey Kramer
54. Kendall Atkinson
55. Tracy Wells
56. Christine Jordan
57. Michelle Eisley
58. Taylor Joplin
59. Taylor Ouzts
60. Fabian Rodriguez
61. Maggie Jenner-Bennett
62. Jan Stevens
63. Meredith Warren
64. Brenda Metcalf Steiner
65. Marilou Mol
66. Dayle Steinke
67. Marilyn Jensen
68. Steph Blaylock

~*~*~*~ PROXY ENTRANT LIST ~*~*~*~

Sarah Whelehan (Proxy: Meredith Warren)
Beth Patterson (Proxy(s): Maggie Jenner-Bennett & Steph Blaylock)
Cassandra Thomas (Proxy: Lauren Wood)
Lynn Cassels-Caldwell (Proxy: Erica Ferguson)
Sharron Mossy (Proxy: Lauren Wood)
Bethany Shaw (Proxy: Melissa Addison)
Grace Bisnath (Proxy: Jennifer Wilson)

Jasmine Lay (Proxy: Courtney Sadar)
Samantha White (Proxy: Melissa Addison)
Leila Mohseni (Proxy: Courtney Sadar)
Helen Vanos (Proxy: Andrea Brygidyr)
Shane Langbauer (Proxy: Dayle Steinke)
Carra McClelland (Proxy: Dayle Steinke)