Prizes & Donations Hall Map & Entrant List Rules/Entry Form Directions

Our assigned tables in our show hall was a huge hit and kept things well managed throughout the show. Not only is there less chaos, but it's a great tool to learn each other's names. The new map is not up yet, though will probably look very similar to 2016's layout so I've kept it up and visible for now. When we're ready to start taking entries, we'll whipe all the spaces clean so everyone will know what's available. White tables will denote open spots, pink tables will denote reserved spots no longer available.

Our hall is square in shape which allows for central judging rings. This means that there really isn't a "nose bleed" section that sometimes happens in the longer halls. Everyone should have a good seat! Dock doors are giant and are perfect for backing the cars right up to for easy unloading. At the moment, the 52 entrant tables are
spaced 8' apart so things are extremely spaceous and roomy. This allows us to alter the design slightly to encorporate those that wanted two tables or more entrants
than expected! We have lots of room to grow!



~*~*~*~ ENTRANT LIST ~*~*~*~

We'll start listing our participating hobbyists when entries open up in 2019.