Prizes & Donations Hall Map & Entrant List Rules/Entry Form Directions

For your convenience and ease of use, we've created a fillable form .pdf version of the entry form.
****Please note that in order to save your changes, you need to have clicked outside of an editable region.
**** If you haven't clicked on a blank region of the sheet, it doesn't actually save as it thinks your still typing. Just to forestall any accidentally blank forms that come back our way. :)



Can't enter the show but would like to still contribute? We're offering Sponsor spots! Sponsorship levels include:
Entire Division - $50 (i.e. Artist Resins, or Custom Glaze, or Performance)
Sub-Division - $25 (i.e. AR Stock Breeds, or English Performance)
Single Class - $5
Open Sponsorship – any misc. amount the sponsor wishes to contribute.

You can use the entry form above to select and find information on sponsoring. Thank you!



As our show hall is a bit far from the lunch venues, we'll be taking pizza-by-the-slice orders during lunch hour and sending a runner to go pick them up. We'll have a dollar amount as to what those slices will be at the time of the show. Sodas and water will be provided by the Jennifer's. You are also welcome to bring a lunch, though we will
not have access to refridgerators to keep things cold or a microwave to heat them up.

We will also be having a snack table/pot luck area filled with goodies and drinks.


As the Show Packet contains all the rules we don't want to hash them out again. They're mostly Shower 101 stuff, but there are a couple of highlights we do want to
bring to your attention. Especially to our normal Colorado Showers as these are completely different from any of our current formats.


We are hoping to implement a completely revolutionary idea in terms of recroding results. For this, we want to simplify the system and will do so by ecorporating horse
lists. Many regions already require them for their ease of recording so hopefully some of you are already familiar with the concept. We will utilize the Colorado Shower number as the unique first three-digits of the horse numbers. If you dont have one, make sure you check the appropriate box in the entry form so we know to obtain one
for you.

In your horse list, the first horse you assign a number to will be XXX-001 (XXX will be YOUR CO Shower Number). The second horse will be XXX-002 and follow in ascending order from there (XXX-003, XXX-004, etc). Your horse list should contain: your name, address, e-mail, contact phone number, Colorado Shower Number at the
top of the list. The actual list should then have the horse’s unique number as outlined above, followed by it’s name, breed, gender, and type (AR/CM/CMG/AR Mini, etc).
We vastly prefer these typed if possible, but will accept a handwritten list. Please make these legible.

During judging, each model must be tagged with a white string tag. Please make sure to write legibly on these or type them. On the tag should be the model’s unique
number you assigned it on your horse list, breed, and gender. All the information should be on one side of the tag so that no turning over is necessary – eliminating the possibilities of bumping and/or knocking over horses. Just remember to face that side up!


This is our second big change from the way things are normally done. It's to encourage early entry and organization. We also liked the idea of everyone being able to go
meet people they knew would be at the show maybe didn't have a face to the name. If you click the Hall Map & Entrant List link at the top of the page, you'll be taken to
the table plan layout. We'll be keeping this current and marking off the reserved tables as entries come in. We'll also be making a list of current entrants along with what
table number they've taken.