Prizes & Donations Hall Map & Entrant List Rules/Entry Form Directions

Because we have the most wonderful, giving hobby members, we have once again been overwhelmed by the sheer amount of stuff that's come our way for the show!! It's too much for just one page, so be sure to check out the Facebook Group and posts on Braymere Custom Saddlrey blog with tags of The Jennifer Show to view the goodies! THANK YOU SO MUCH to all our donors! We love you for helping us enforce our moto of "No one goes home empty-handed!"


JUST FOR SHOWING UP - Each of our two days, we'll be starting the show off with a bang! And I mean BANG. In keeping with 2016's tradition, we have something spectacular to give away within the first few minutes of welcoming our entrants. For Saturday, with it being "normal" Performance's main day, we'll be giving away a full traditional scale English tack set made by Jennifer Buxton! Pictures to follow. One day number two and in time for our Artist Resin classes (yes, we want you to show these things here if you win them!), we'll be giving away a sold-out MEM No Inahbitions resin painted by sculpting artist, Jennifer Scott.

"Ribbons" - 1st through 4th place will receive our new 2" ribbon medallions. We totally hijacked this idea from Kylee Parks after she implemented it at SuperCaliFraglisitic. It was brilliant and we knew we needed it. Kylee was even gracious enough to scupt our Round Ribbon, which will be our Workmanship division ribbons. The square was scupted by Jennifer Scott and will be our Performance and Breed division ribbons. Aren't they pretty??


"Love" medallions - There are so many instances where the horse you really love the most on the table isn't necessarily the winner of the class. It can be tough for a judge when they can't reward those horses. Well, here at TJS, we love to have excuses for giving out prizes. We will have a massive array of heart-shaped medallions the same size as our Ribbons in all sorts of colors so we can share the "Love" to our favorite pieces - not just those who win the class (though they could be one and the same!) Entrants will also find these in there goody bags so they can play favorites too. ;)


"Santana"and "Myr" medallions - TJS represents all of Jennifer Buxton and Jennifer Scott's favorite things. So we had two particular horses in mind when I scupted our Sectional Champ/Res. Champ medallions. Santana is Jennifer Buxton's "favorite person." As you can see, our medallion is Santana approved! Myr is still in the works, but he's a portrait of a gelding that was my first horse I owned as an adult after a long break. He's also our TJS Logo horse!


"Anise" in Venti scale - of course, the grand prize for the division is none other than an exclusive version of Jennifer Scott's "Anise" resin. She's in Venti (1:20) scale and is just right for painting, mini performance showing, and plain ol' admiring.

IN ADDITION (yes there's more) to these treasures, we'll have random tidbits dropped into entrants hands or tables throughout the day.